About me

Hello there! Here is a little ditty about me:

My name is Carlee. I am an eighties baby. I live in Niagara Falls, Ontario with my awesome hubby, Trevor, and our furbaby, Harley. I try really hard not to take myself seriously. I have partial heterochromia. I have the distinct pleasure of calling myself a high school supply teacher. I specialize in Drama and Biology. I am completely dairy-free, and have been for years now. It is not by choice. I am also allergic to cane sugar which makes dining out terribly difficult. I love David Suzuki, Michael Pollan, Naomi Klein, George R. R. Martin, Sherlock (BBC, duh!), and Alton Brown. I do not have cable, which is apparently a big deal to many people. I love animals. Like, really love them. It is my dream to one day have pet chickens and I get easily distracted when I see a squirrel. I lived in Oxford, England for a year and Northern Quebec for another, both times with Trevor. I enjoy herbal tea. I love the fall. I am learning how to sew. I love to cook and bake as much food from scratch as possible. I also love to garden. Especially heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables. 

Oh. And I am also a for-real mermaid.

And part-time assassin.
Completely legit photo.
Feel free to holla at me in the comments (I will respond to them all, me swears).