Saturday, 13 December 2014

In which I show you the shortest dress I've ever loved.

Nothing like a last minute entry, eh?

I saw Tilly introduce the Francoise pattern and thought it was cute and put it on my mental "to make" list. But then I saw the #SewingFrancoise contest, and the fire under my butt was lit. I clicked "purchase" and was on my way.
#SewingFrancoise dress :)
My original plan and what you see here are so completely different it's almost amusing. When I read that one of Tilly's suggestions was to make it a Christmas party dress, I was planning on making it in a rich red velveteen with a detachable white fur collar (also care of Tilly). I had read Handmade Jane's review, though, and was worried that the thick fabric would be more trouble than it was worth. Also, I was concerned with sewing those long waist darts in velveteen, and how much movement I would get in the sleeves with a not very stretchy fabric. So I decided a muslin was definitely in order. Luckily, in the plastic tub where I keep my muslin fabric, I came across the two fabrics you see here and thought "they would look great as the bodice and contrasting sleeves", and off to the races I went. Both fabrics were gifts from my sister from her fashion design schooling days. The green fabric was a pain to press and a bit slippery to sew with. Probably some sort of polyester made to look like linen. The floral is a stretch cotton I believe and lovely to sew with. Presses like a dream.

I had a number of issues. The first is that those damn waist darts gave me a considerable bit of trouble. On the original pattern, both the bust and waist darts were way too high on me. But the odd thing is that they didn't result in nip-bumps. But they looked odd. So I moved them. Like fifteen times. And the waist darts now sit where they should, but give me little nip-bumps. Whatever. I'll just have to work on it in future versions.

And another thing: don't ask me what size I'm wearing. I originally cut this 3-4-6 but found that the muslin looked like a bag on me. So I ended up making a new front muslin in a 3-3-5 and found it was better. So the back is 3-4-6 and the front is 3-3-5. But honestly, even then, I took it in some more. Oh well.

Some other changes I made: I finished the neckline with self-fabric bias binding because I'm lazy and don't like facings. (Not sure how "spent all night making bias tape" is lazy but to me facings are too fiddly and in my mind would take longer....right?)
What am I doing with my hand? I. Don't. Know.
I also put in pockets! Huzzah! In my new teaching job (oh yeah, I didn't tell you...I got a job in Special Needs again...woot woot!), I have a lanyard with my school keys on them and I HATE wearing the lanyard around my neck, so pockets are a must. Plus I often have my cell phone with me in case the EAs need to get a hold of me for anything and I'm tired of stuffing it into my bra. (Clearly, I'm the classy teacher in school.)
You can kind of see the nippley darts from this angle.
Final thoughts: I forgot to add length to the dress and will do so next time, but even though it is short, it is still super cute (which is shocking because normally I hate short skirts, they are usually not very flattering on me). I might end up wearing this with leggings as more of a tunic (I hate tunics but I can make an exception), so that I don't accidentally flash some ass at school. I think it will still look cute like that. I think overall this will get a lot of wear and I'm happy with it even though originally, when my sister gave me these fabrics I didn't think I would use them because they weren't "me". Go figure.
Although I had the dart problems, I will make this again, maybe next time with no sleeves (maybe I'll use the velveteen for that), just to see how the fit changes.

Overall thoughts: thumbs up :)

 I have a few more projects on blogging back-log that I haven't had time to type up (I'm finishing up a course and coaching basketball????? Don't ask haha.), but with the holidays coming up, they will be on their way soon.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you like it :)

{No, it's not Christmas}

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

In which I show you the most Scottish/Canadian thing you'll see all day.

Here is my very Canadian/Scottish husband wearing not one but TWO PLAIDS.
And he loves it.

(I can't decide if this is more Canadian or Scottish. I guess it would depend on whether or not he has a sporran or a hockey stick as an accessory.)

I made this Negroni back in February for him for Valentines day. Admittedly, it is a wee bit small (he has Scottish shoulders, and the wristband thingys [Why you no work, brain?!] are too tight), so it doesn't get too much wear. But with the sleeves rolled up, it's not too bad.
I wasn't thinking when I picked out a fabric for the plackets and lining. I should have picked something simpler. Trev isn't a "polka dot" kinda guy and I didn't think it through enough to realize that the polka dot would definitely show. But that's okay. He can wear this around the house and I'd be happy with that. He already wore it camping. Hooray! Next time he can help pick out the fabric.
I'm really happy with how the topstitching turned out, especially on the pocket! I really took my time with this one, probably because it wasn't me who would be wearing it (not that I haven't already worn it haha).

I also tried my hand at embroidering and really like how it turned out!
Trev is from a smaller town that is about a three hour drive from here (just outside of Muskoka), and so he always compares life in the Falls to life in the "north", so I think of him as my northern boy.
I really effed up stitching the lining down in the inside back, but sorry, not sorry, I was not unpicking it. It is somewhat noticeable, even with the plaid, but that's okay.

The pattern was really easy to follow, considering this is probably the most complicated thing I've made. I think I'll end up making more, but probably not as quickly as my Nettie. That's okay. Trev's not a picky guy.

Nothing else really to say about construction or fit (obviously I'll be going up a size next time), so please enjoy this pictures of Trevor very seriously modelling his shirt for you:

"Blue Steel"
"Le Tigre"

Please share: Have you made anything for your man?


Saturday, 27 September 2014

In which I show you my most favourite shirt EVER.

I'd like to introduce you to my favourite sweater, the Hot Cocoa from Dixie DIY. This top is my homeboy. It's my BFF. My One True Love. (In terms of my closet!)

I first saw it on Marie at A Stitching Odyssey and fell in love. I had never downloaded a pattern before, AND I had never tried a knit. I felt like this would change all that.

Someone's gotta keep an eye on the dog, amirite?
I made this back in January I think? Somehow, with being on an LTO (teacher talk for a job) while working a night job I found time to do this, and then I got the other LTO so I didn't have time to take pictures (though I had LOTS of time to wear this).

K, imma gonna stop ya right here and just say, I look cranky in most of the following pictures. I'm not cranky, it was way too cold to wear these shorts but for some reason I wanted to wear these shorts for the shoot. So I didn't smile much. I don't know. Just deal with it haha.

I literally wear this multiple times a week. I can wear it to supply teach or I can wear it just puttering around the house. It is PERFECT. There I said it. It is super comfy, and was wicked easy to sew up. In terms of construction, I followed Marie and added three extra inches. I didn't think my principal would like the belly-baring look.

For being my first attempt at knits, I think it turned out pretty damn good. And that stripe matching where the raglan sleeve meets the bodice--totally accidental!! SHUT. UP. (Just don't look at my left side seam please.)
Right side seam, again totally acciden---I mean I MEANT to do that. ;)
I have gotten paint, grease, you name it on this bad boy but she's a survivor. It's like the sweater knows that it is my soul mate. Awwww.

I got this ponte knit at my local fabric store. I think it was about $21 a metre? It was a really long time ago, I can't remember. Totally worth it though.

I just picked up a black and white stripe ponte knit and so I might make me another one of these now that the fall weather is here. Alternately, I might use up my leftover Nettie fabric. I definitely have enough to whip one up.

If you haven't made one of these sweet babies yet, I highly recommend. Came together super quick once everything was cut out. If you've never made a knit, this is definitely one to jump right in with.

And, as per usual (I feel like this is becoming a "thing"), best shot of the day:
I think the best part is how smug I look about accidentally blinking hahaha.

Have you tried the Hot Cocoa yet?

{It will make your day more than my shirt makes my day.}